TTK Prestige launches ‘Tri Ply Svachh Handi’ Cooker

TTK Prestige launches ‘Tri Ply Svachh Handi’ Cooker

Kolkata: TTK Prestige has launched its latest addition in its cookware collection, the Tri-Ply Svachh Handi. This resilient and effective tri-ply cooker is designed to transform cooking experiences with its distinctive features.

The spillage control design of the cookware enables effortless and mess-free cooking. Additionally, the innovative deep lid design effectively contains spills and splatters, preventing them from spreading onto the kitchen countertop and stovetop.

The construction of the Tri-Ply Svachh Handi with its thick gauge aluminum ensures superior heat distribution guaranteeing even and thorough cooking. Crafted with a robust food-grade stainless-steel inner surface, it excels in durability, making it a dependable companion for all culinary endeavors.

Eliminating this hassle of constantly checking pressure levels, the Tri-Ply Svachh Handi features a pressure indicator that provides a clear visual cue, letting users know when it is safe to open.

Prioritizing safety, the Tri-Ply Svachh Handi by TTK Prestige incorporates innovative features to create a hassle-free cooking experience. With a unique pressure indicator and controlled GRS (Gasket Release System), this appliance ensures the gradual release of excess pressure, eliminating any potential mishaps in your kitchen.

Designed for versatility, it is compatible with both gas and induction cooktops, allowing users to cook with ease using their preferred method. Additionally, the cool touch weight feature enhances convenience during handling.

Prestige has also ensured home cooks no longer have to worry about constantly checking pressure levels. The Tri-Ply Svachh Handi includes a pressure indicator that provides a clear visual cue, ensuring the safe and timely opening of the cooker.

The Tri-Ply Svachh Handi is available in two sizes. The 3.0-liter variant priced at MRP 3,460/- and the 5.0-liter variant priced at MRP 4,375/-. The new range is available across India at Prestige Xclusive locations, select dealer outlets, and the brand’s exclusive online store

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