Virat Kohli ensures consistent sleep as an integral part of his WC preparation

Virat Kohli ensures consistent sleep as an integral part of his WC preparation

Kolkata: The World Cup involves extensive travel and ever-changing landscapes and this causes disruption of quality sleep, hence Virat Kohli requested Duroflex to help standardize his sleep across all the different venues.

While Virat is well known for his commitment to fitness and health, another essential practice that he adheres to for peak performance is 8 hours of quality sleep. As Virat prepares for the ongoing World Cup, ensuring he gets deep, restorative sleep is one of his top priorities.

Duroflex is supporting brand ambassador Virat Kohli by providing the Back Magic Mattress in every city where he stays, be it for a match or practice.

Designed for high-performance lifestyles, its 5-zone full body support helps relax muscles and supports the back to guarantee a revitalizing sleep for him during the ongoing ICC World Cup. Back Magic (Firm Mattress) is one of the bestselling mattresses of the Duropedic range by Duroflex, as preferred by Virat.

Mohanraj Jagannivasan, CEO, Duroflex, said, “The World Cup always stirs up nationwide excitement as the entire country unites to cheer for the team, who are putting in their all to deliver their best. In response to Virat’s request, we are delighted to go the extra mile to ensure he has his trusted Duroflex mattress with him in every city during this high-octane tournament.”

Mohanraj Jagannivasan said, “Our commitment is to provide him with seamless, energizing sleep that will help him optimize his performance on the field. We are honored to be part of his World Cup preparation and extend our best wishes to the team for a successful tournament.”

As the nation rallies behind Virat Kohli and Team India, Duroflex wishes them not only great success, but great healthy sleep too.

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