4 simple ways to keep your pet safe from the scorching heat this summer

4 simple ways to keep your pet safe from the scorching heat this summer

Kolkata: Summers are the best time to create fun memories and great bonds with your beloved pets. But with the temperature soaring, it’s important to be mindful and take the right measures to protect them from pests, bugs, skin and ear infections or heat strokes.

Whether it’s an outdoor walk or playtime with buddies or a fun beach holiday, here are a few simple steps for all the pet owners to make this summer a safe and memorable one for their furry friends:

Pets get sunburn too: Never shave your pets completely as their fur usually keeps their body cool during summer and protects them from heat rashes and sunburn.

Prevent fleas and ticks: Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and parasites are a common issue during warm weather so it is advisable to keep an anti-tick spray handy and brush them every day. “During summer my pet loves to sleep on the floor, so I must keep my floors hygienic and clean. I use a pet friendly floor cleaner, Nimyle to get rid of unseen germs and bacteria that might cause underbelly rashes on my dog. Once we are back from our everyday walks I dilute this eco-friendly, herbal floor cleaner in water and wipe the paws as it prevents bacteria from spreading to my home”, says a pet owner, Sangita Durba Gopinath.

Never leave your pets inside the car: Most pets enjoy driving around in the car but they tend to get restless when they are left alone inside. Few pet owners tend to leave their pets behind locked in the car while they are running errands and this can be extremely dangerous as cars can heat up to extreme temperatures that might cause severe strokes or difficulties in breathing. 

Understanding your pet’s behaviour: Always keep a track of your pet’s normal body temperature. Anything lower or higher than the usual means your pet isn’t keeping well. Watch out for overheating symptoms such as heavy panting, noisy breathing, thick drool, sweaty paws etc. If your pet shows any of these symptoms, move them to a cooler place, provide them with an ample amount of water, and put a damp towel to cool their body. If any of the symptoms continue, rush them to the vet.

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