Hand Cream with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s hydration and boosts elasticity

Hand Cream with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s hydration and boosts elasticity

Kolkata: Owing to the times we live in, our hands are subject to constant cleansing and sanitizing that tends to leave the skin scaly, itchy and bereft of moisture. It is imperative to take extra care of our hands and treat them to specialised care. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to take care of our hands is by using a good quality hand-cream. A hand cream is designed to heal dull, dehydrated skin and prevent the skin from ageing faster.

Before you go ahead and buy your favourite hand cream, here’s a quick check-list to see if your hand cream is ticking all the right boxes:

Read up: Don’t forget to read labels and know your ingredients. It is advisable to always look for Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid – both help in replenishing skin’s hydration levels and boosts elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid helps maintain moisture levels that lead to visibly smooth and bouncy skin while Vitamin C reduces dullness and spots thereby improving the skin’s appearance and texture. You can opt for the Charmis Hand Cream (https://www.nykaa.com/charmis-deep-radiance-hand-cream-50gm/p/1033666) that is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, & Hyaluronic Acid – a booster for hydration that our hands are always in dire need of.

Treats Inflammation: Using various products may cause skin irritation, hence, it is prudent to use a dermatologist recommended hand cream that nourishes deeply and hydrates sensitive skin, while locking in moisture to make hands smooth and supple. Massaging hands at least twice a day with an effective hand cream can help eliminate skin irritation and give you soft, smooth and gorgeous hands.

Anti-ageing: As one ages, our hands tend to lose fat and elasticity, causing the skin to lose volume and this produces translucent skin that wrinkles easily. The skin on our hands also has fewer sebaceous glands as compared to facial skin, causing it to lose moisture quickly. Therefore, it’s important to use a specialized hand cream to take adequate care of our hands.

Compact & Budget Friendly: A hand cream shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you are going to adopt it as a permanent lifestyle habit. Most hand creams are portable and travel friendly, so pick the one that gives you maximum benefit at an attractive price point.

Dr. Aparna Santhanam, skin expert at ITC Charmis says, “For a lot of women, skincare is limited to the face and body while treating hands to a generic moisturizer. Our hands are subject to harsh chemicals, climatic conditions and other environmental factors, making it mandatory to treat them with specialized care. Hands also tend to give away age faster if not looked after and cared for. I recommend using a hand cream that is packed with potent ingredients such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid and provides the dual benefit of hydration, youthfulness and softness as well.”

A good hand cream can do wonders to for your hands, while helping you relax and feel good about yourself. You can apply a hand-cream 5-6 times a day, depending on your skin type and the work your hands do. Do keep this quick check-list handy, the next time you go skincare shopping.

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