Aashayein – An initiative for dialysis patients organized in Kolkata

Aashayein – An initiative for dialysis patients organized in Kolkata

Kolkata: NephroPlus, India’s leading network of dialysis services committed to improving the quality of life for dialysis patients, hosted an enlightening and uplifting event designed exclusively for dialysis patients ‘Aashayein’, in Kolkata.

The event aimed to positively impact dialysis patients and their families. It allowed consumers to connect with others who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of the dialysis journey, fostering new friendships and strengthening existing ones.

The Co-founder of NephroPlus, Kamal D. Shah, said, “Aashayein honours the courage and spirit of dialysis patients. As a dialysis patient myself, I understand how challenging the journey can be. And we, at NephroPlus believe it is essential to provide opportunities for patients to engage in enjoyable and educational experiences as well.’’

The day-long educational workshop witnessed the participation of over 400 dialysis patients from NephroPlus and other clinics in Kolkata. The event was also attended by some of the most experienced Nephrologists, Cardiologists, and senior personnel who have been associated with NephroPlus.

They emphasized the importance of eating well to improving kidney health and managing mental health to deal with the health challenges.

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