AI and Analytics set to improve Energy Efficiency in India: Former Power Secretary Anil Razdan

AI and Analytics set to improve Energy Efficiency in India: Former Power Secretary Anil Razdan

Kolkata: Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organised a webinar on ‘AI and Analytics in New Age Energy Business’. Speaking at the webinar, Anil Razdan, IAS (Retd), Former Secretary (Power), Govt of India, said, “Analytics can help in bringing automation in the energy sector in a way such that power is deployed in the most remunerative systems, idle capacity is used to either procure or supply power and provide the best customer support.”

He said that it is a wake up call for India to nurture its indigenous talent so that they can bring solutions in the space of AI and analytics for utilization in the country so that new energy challenges such as meeting the renewable demand and transition from fossil fuel to cleaner transport happen efficiently.

“Rooftop solar will have huge opportunity going ahead with KUSUM already working in remote areas, and emerging technologies can help in boosting the efficiency of the same,” he added.

The webinar was also addressed by Anand BR, Co-Founder & CSO, Ecoprosus India who stated that India’s energy savings potential is around 15%-40% across all sectors with an estimated value of more than USD 20 billion. Efficient implementation of new age technology can help improve energy efficiency and for that investment in these areas, diverse thinking, and being responsive and collaborative is the need of the hour.

“Unless we can make every kilowatt count, efficiency still remains a challenge”, informed  Awadhesh Kumar, Founder and CEO, Quenext World. We have to resource our own people appropriately to try and utilize the technology and tools to ensure that they can manage the challenges. If these solutions are developed in India which has diversity in demand as well as weather, the solutions can work globally as well, said Awadesh Kumar.

Saurabh Shrivastava, Director, Climate Connect Technologies, present at the webinar said that AI can be cost effective in monitoring solar panels and in determining what and how the integration of renewables can happen for scaling up to 75GW over the next few years.

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