Are there germs on your keyboard?

Are there germs on your keyboard?

Kolkata: While COVID-19 has made everyone extra cautious when it comes to their cleaning routine – we seldom pay attention to our keyboards and mousepads – surfaces that get touched upon every minute. About 80% of infections are transmitted by unclean hands touching contaminated surfaces. Even though we are less fanatical about cleaning our gadgets, they still harbour plenty of germs and should be cleaned regularly. Yet, many of us never think about cleaning our gadgets.

How do germs get on your desk and keyboard? We touch our keyboard with oily/food laden hands, we touch our keyboard after visiting the washroom, not to forget the occasional coffee spills we have-yet we rarely clean these devices, and all-inclusive keyboards can become a significant place for germs to grow and multiply.

Majority of keyboards have over 101 individual keys which make it tough to clean and the gaps between the keys are also difficult to reach. Poor hand hygiene and rare cleaning of these devices can lead to growth of infection causing germs like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, some of the causers of food poisoning.

According to Degree of Bacterial Contamination of Mobile Phone and Computer Keyboard Surfaces conducted by renowned researchers Jana Koscova, Zuzana Hurnikova, and JurajPistl, electronic devices including keyboards are a prime host for germs. A good precaution is to wash your hands before and after using a shared computer, phone, or other piece of equipment, and to encourage others to do the same. Eating at your computer is also not a smart idea.

What can you do to keep your computer clean and protected from germs? There are some bacteria on your keyboard that can make us sick, hence it is necessary to take precautionary actions while using your keyboard.

Cleaning our frequently touched gadgets including laptop screens, keyboards, with a cloth removes dirt but germs can still endure cleaning. Needless to say, that soft fabrics and cotton swabs should be used to remove tough stains and grease. Obviously, while we cannot wash our devices with soap and water, one can resort to using a product like Savlon Germ Protection Wipes, which cleans and protects the devices from germs without leaving a soapy residue on the surface. Savlon Wipes are suitable to use on gadgets – they do not stain and don’t impair the working of the device post use.

Also, Savlon Germ Protection wipes have a skin friendly pH and are safe to use on body. They are truly multi-purpose and can be used on surfaces of glass, marble, wood, plastic, and stainless steel etc. So, leave your worries behind and wipe away the dirt and germs in every swipe with Savlon’s Germ Protection Wipes.

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