Baking Powder – The Overlooked Magic Ingredient

Baking Powder – The Overlooked Magic Ingredient

Guwahati: “Less is always more.” Baking powder is that one ingredient in the kitchen that justifies this phrase to the T. One just needs a pinch of it, to turn around the entire look and feel of a dish, along with its taste too. It refines and uplifts the texture and smell of any dish, while jazzing up the taste taking your food from good to great!

There is another ingredient that is often confused with Baking powder, which is Baking soda.  What’s the real difference between the two? Recipes with baking soda often list an acidic ingredient like vinegar, buttermilk or lemons because baking soda needs an acid for it to be activated and release gas that makes the food light and fluffy.

Whereas, baking powder already contains an acidic ingredient and just needs a liquid like water or heat in some cases to get activated, making it super easy and breezy for you to work in the kitchen.

There’s also more than one type of baking powder. Single-acting baking powder reacts with a water-based ingredient to form bubbles as soon as the ingredients are mixed. If you wait too long to bake your food or over-mix your ingredients the bubbles will escape and your food will fall flat.

A double-acting baking powder like Weikfield’s will react and create gas bubbles twice: Once when added to liquid in the recipe, and again when exposed to heat in the cooking process making it very reliable for all baking needs!

Most popularly, baking powder has been used in making cakes rise up, and making brownies and cookies soft and fluffy. But little do people know, it has several other uses, and is the one of the most versatile ingredients you will ever come across. Weikfield’s Baking Powder has been popularly used all over the country for decades, and here are some lesser-known ways how you can include it in your recipes too!

Wonder what’s the secret ingredient to a nice puffed up Beguni and Pakoda? You guessed right. Adding baking powder to this loved street food snack enhances the texture and form, making it much easier to fry.

Bhaja Pithe which is a fried and sweet delicacy, is made during festivals. You may ask what makes this delicacy perfectly brown and fluffy while being deep fried? And the answer would be- baking powder! It’s added to the already left overnight dough.

Who doesn’t love the all-time classic Malpua? But how do you ensure and no-lump batter consisting of flour and milk? Just add a pinch of baking powder and watch as it smoothens out the batter which helps to fry it much better.

One of the key ingredients in the making of the nimki dough and baturas, delicious savoury snacks that requires the dough to rise and fluff up is baking powder. A quality Baking powder like Weikfield’s helps the dough to do just that.

Baking Powder is like the underdog of kitchen ingredients, known only for its applications in baking, and not cooking. But now that you are aware of its many varied uses, you can whip up these delectable dishes with a pinch of magic, also known as Weikfield’s Baking Powder!

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