CINI, NSEF join hands to support Siuri Sadar Hospital in Birbhum

CINI, NSEF join hands to support Siuri Sadar Hospital in Birbhum

Kolkata: Child in Need Institute (CINI) and National Stock Exchange Foundation (NSEF) came together to hand over 5 Bi-Pap Machines and 5 Oxygen Concentrators to the Siuri Sadar Hospital, Birbhum (District Hospital of Birbhum) as a response to COVID pandemic.

CINI would also launch another Maternal and Child Health and Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health project in Khoyrasole block of the Birbhum district. The main reason behind this initiative is to enable the blocks to fight COVID19 and learn about the importance of mother and child healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, etc.

CINI is working on a block-based Education program supported by NSEF with all primary schools of Rajnagar block in the district. CINI will also be implementing the SAG KP program along with a program for Adolescent and Maternal Nutrition in Birbhum supported by UNICEF Kolkata.

Sujoy Roy, Sr. Manager, CINI said, “CINI has been continuously working for mother and child healthcare since we faced this pandemic. The mission behind this initiative is to contribute in the development of this district. CINI has joined hands with different organizations for optimal nutritional practices amongst women and children and raising awareness in fighting against diseases.”

Dr. Himadri Kumar Ari, CMOH Birbhum, said, “I thank CINI and NSEF for the support. This initiative by CINI will enhance the healthcare and overall well-being of this district and will help thousands of people visiting this hospital. We really appreciate the work done by CINI. NGOs like CINI have the potential and dedication and can contribute in the development of this state.”

Dr. Himadri Kumar Ari, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Birbhum District (CMOH Birbhum), Dr. Sobhan De, Super, Siuri Sadar Hospital, Birbhum, Sujoy Roy, Sr. Manager, CINI, Marine Mukherjee, Assistant Director, CINI, Biswanath Mitra, District Program Coordinator, CINI along with other government and healthcare officials were present.

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