Companies start sanitisation services in Kolkata

Companies start sanitisation services in Kolkata

Kolkata: E-waste management company Hulladek Recycling has announced to launch sanitization services in Kolkata. Hulladek Recycling in association with AdmyBin is providing sanitization services for workplaces, warehouses, factories and residential complexes in Kolkata and its suburbs up to 75 kms, says a press release.

Nandan Mall, CEO, Hulladek Recycling said, “The chemical is completely safe, odourless and has no side effect. The chemical is sprayed in all tangible human touch points to eliminate any contamination present.  The time and cost required for the entire process mainly depends on the area that needs to be covered.”

As the country gradually emerges out of coronavirus lockdown and enters in ‘Unlock1’, normal life resumes but the threat of the virus continues to haunt every day. Coronavirus is a surface virus. It can spread when one gets in contact with a contaminated area. Therefore, it is essential to disinfect surfaces on a regular basis.

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