Complex robot-assisted right hepatectomy surgery performed

Complex robot-assisted right hepatectomy surgery performed

Kolkata: HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata, recently performed a complex robot-assisted right hepatectomy on a 65-years-old Mr. Pankaj (name changed), who was suffering from liver cancer.

The surgery was performed by Dr. S. K. Bala, Senior Surgical Oncologist, HCG Kolkata and Dr. Devendra Parikh, Senior Robotic Cancer Surgeon, HCG Ahmedabad and their team of doctors.

Mr. Pankaj started suffering from excessive weight loss and weakness. It was revealed that he was suffering from stage 2 liver cancer. Post which he was referred to HCG EKO Cancer Centre.

The patient was referred to Dr. S.K. Bala and was suggested certain clinical tests. Post evaluation of his test reports, Dr. Bala considered the complexity of his case and advised him to undergo a robotic- assisted surgery known for its precision and minimal invasive approach.

The surgery is considered one of the most complex and challenging procedures in the medical field as it involved the removal of 60-70% of the liver, leaving only 30-40% of the normal liver behind. Liver cancers are rare, and operable cases are even rarer, making this robotic surgery a complex one.

Dr. S. K. Bala said, “The use of advanced and cutting-edge technologies not only enhances precision but also significantly reduces postoperative complications, allowing for a smoother and quicker recovery. In the case of Mr. Pankaj, he was up and walking within 48 hours post-surgery and was discharged on the 7th day. This case underscores the power of innovation in healthcare and fuels our commitment to pushing boundaries for the benefit of our patients.”

The patient thanked the skilled team of doctors and said that opting for robot-assisted surgery was his right and life-changing decision.

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