Congress party has a long history of phone tapping: BJP (@sambitswaraj)

Congress party has a long history of phone tapping: BJP (@sambitswaraj)

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Saturday hit back on the Ashok Gehlot Government where it not only denied charges of alleged bid to break the Congress party but also alleged that the Rajasthan is witnessing an “indirect emergency”.

On purported audio clip about conspiracy to topple Rajasthan Government, BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra said, “Rajasthan Government should answer whether they indulged in phone tapping as Chief Minister and their other leaders are saying the audio is authentic whereas in FIR it is mentioned as purported.”

He said, “We demand a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into this matter, whether phone tapping was done or SOPs were followed. Is there an emergency situation in Rajasthan? Are all political parties being targeted this way?”

“Phone tapping can only be done by authorized agencies as per due process of law and subject to approve safe-guards and SOPs. Each case is also reviewed by a committee chaired by a Cabinet Secretary in case of Central and State Secretary in case of a State govt.” said Dr. Patra

He further said, “These are serious questions that we want to ask the Rajasthan Congress and Ashok Gehlot. 1. Was phone taping done? The Congress govt in Rajasthan must answer. 2. Is it not a sensitive and legal issue, if phone taping has been done? 3. Assuming that you’ve taped phones, was the SOP followed? The people of Rajasthan want to know whether their privacy has been compromised. 4. Did the Congress govt in Rajasthan use unconstitutional ways to save themselves when they found themselves cornered? 5. Is phone of any person who is related to politics is being tapped?”

BJP said that Congress party has a long history of phone tapping and bugging to settle their political scores.

As per media reports, Chief Secretary of Rajasthan has not received any complaints about phone tapping and has no information about permission being sought for phone tapping.

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