Crompton launches new series of Small Domestic Appliances

Crompton launches new series of Small Domestic Appliances

Guwahati: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. (CGCEL) is reinventing the modern Indian kitchen by introducing its innovative range of small domestic appliances. Designed keeping in mind ‘convenience and efficiency’ or combining design and technology for the modern living, the company has launched 1) Deluxe Hot Kettle 2) Rice Cooker 3) Air Fryer 4) OTG 5) Sandwich Maker 6) Popup Toaster 7) Hand Blender 8) Electric Chopper 9) Steam Iron.

Kitchens have come a long way today especially with the combination of technology and décor to make our lives better. However, food preparation always tends to be time-consuming and tedious. Considering that time is of the essence especially with lifestyles becoming hectic, small domestic appliances become a savior as they ensure every task is done quickly and efficiently.

Ensuring the consumers’ lives are improved every day, Crompton consistently guarantees product experiences that are bigger and better without compromising functionality. Hence, leveling up your kitchen experience, Crompton’s all new small domestic appliance range is expertly crafted with advanced technology that helps you relish your cooking experience with ease.

Anand Kumar N, Vice President Appliances – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “Crompton products are always designed keeping the consumer’s experience in mind. Having always stayed true to that mission, our current range is aligned with the latest trends that not only make our routines more comfortable and convenient but also add a touch of style to the overall kitchen décor.”

Anand Kumar N said, “Enlivened with user-friendly features, we want to focus on to giving customers a simpler and healthier life and help them to cook like a pro at home.”

Bringing together a specialized range of appliances that are bigger, better and work seamlessly into your daily lives, Crompton has launched the following range of small domestic appliances which are available across markets in India as well as on e-commerce:

Deluxe Hot Kettle: Crompton Deluxe Hot Kettle is a sophisticated appliance that delivers class and taste and also adds convenience with the 360-degree Swivel Base and an Auto Shut-Off Switch. Additionally, the product also includes innovative features like Mesh Sprout, Borosilicate Glass, Removable Infuser and LED Illumination that helps you to get the perfect tea or coffee flavour while ensuring hygiene at its best. Price Range starts from 3,000/-.

Harvest Pro Series Rice Cooker: Combining design and technology, Crompton’s advanced Harvest Pro Series Rice Maker holds the secret to the deliciousness that speeds up the cooking time in just 15 minutes only and comes with a non-stick coating. With a Cooking Bowl that has premium food grade non-stick coating, it not only ensures no rice sticking but also can be cleaned effectively, thereby making the best results every time. Price Range starts from 2,800/-.

NourisPro Air Fryer: The new age fryer that offers a healthy alternative to popular foods like french fries, deep-fried chicken wings, etc. – Crompton’s Air Fryer is here to make your lives healthier and better. With its Super Helix Heating Element and Jet Turbo Fins, this air fryer offers delicious, crispy, and crunchy textures while retaining the original flavour. Moreover, also get a Crompton Recipe Book that is certified by IICA, New Delhi to help you cook your favourite snacks in no time. Price Range starts from 9,700/-.

Baker’s Delight & Tandoori Magic OTG: Ensuring the ‘Secret of fine taste’, Crompton’s OTG is a dream for every home baker who loves to bake, toast or grill. It comes with High Litre capacities of upto 45litres, and is preferred for Baking, Toasting and Grilling.  With advanced top and bottom Heat Technology and Even Heat Distribution through High Speed Convection fan, it ensures the best of taste and flavours. Additionally, try out recipes from the accredited Crompton Recipe Book that is certified by IICA, New Delhi that will help you out to ease your baking/cooking experience. Price Range starts from 10,000/-.

QuickServe Sandwich Maker: Considering that everyone loves snacks on the go, bread is a popular breakfast and evening snack item. Consumers need a kitchen appliance which provides flexibility of quick, easy and on-the-go breakfast options for busy mornings. Crompton’s QuickServe sandwich maker with its Golden Food Grade Coating and Floating Hinge, is ideal for preparing thick sandwiches and the perfect appliance for your grilling experience. Price Range starts from 3,000/-.

Sun Brown Popup Toaster: A crispy, freshly toasted bread is delectably tasty. With 2 extra wide slots to help you accommodate a thick break through the Pop-up feature, LED Backlight for Reheat, Defrost, and Cancel options, you can enjoy toast with your tea or coffee every day. It consumes 750 watts of power to ensure the ‘crispiest bread in 2mins’. The popup toaster also comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. With a feature like Hi-Lift Function and Auto Pop-Up, get to safely take out smaller pieces. Price Range starts from 2,500/-.

Blendserve Hand Blender: Hand Blender is an ideal product, which makes it easy to complete your tasks in minutes, especially when you are running short of time. The multi-functional appliance makes, blends, and churns food items with perfection. With features like Detachable Steel Stem for easy cleaning, DC Motor for silent operation & high durability, Food Grade SS Blades, In-Built hanging loop & Wall Mount Bracket, Single speed setting and Sleek Design & Comfortable Grip – the new Crompton hand blender is ideal for making purees, soups & sauces and thick shakes. Price Range starts from 1,800/-.

ChopMaxx Electric Chopper: Ideal for chopping ingredients (onions, tomato, making ginger garlic paste etc.) for recipes, Crompton’s Electric Chopper does chopping, grinding and whisking in seconds. With features like Twin S-Shaped Ninja Blades, this unique chopper carries out high-speed chopping and whisking, making your life easier while cooking. Price Range starts from 2,000/-.

FabriAutotech Steam Iron: To give your clothes ‘wrinkle-free ironing in minutes with high level of safety, Crompton’s Steam Iron comes with a 2200 WATTS powerful heating element that provides optimum heating on all sorts of fabrics. Its 3-way auto shutoff technology includes a timing of 30 seconds horizontal, 8 mins vertical and 30 seconds sideways. Moreover, its Feather Touch Fabric LED digital control ensures right temperature for different fabrics. From its scratch resistant ceramic coating to a one touch self-cleaning function, Vertical Steam and Steam Shot modes, this steam iron will give you a premium ironing experience! Price Range starts from 8,300/-.

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