Dabur launches ‘Odonil Gel Pocket’, a Gel-based Air Freshener infused with Essential Oils

Dabur launches ‘Odonil Gel Pocket’, a Gel-based Air Freshener infused with Essential Oils

Kolkata: India’s leading consumer products maker Dabur India Limited on Wednesday announced the expansion of its Odonil portfolio with the launch of ‘Odonil Gel Pocket’, a unique Gel based air freshener, which gives superior and long-lasting fragrance.

Sanath Pulikkal, Marketing Head – Home Care, Dabur India Ltd, said, “We have expanded our Odonil portfolio with the launch of Odonil Gel Pocket infused with essential oils which provides superior fragrance experiences. Odonil Gel Pocket comes in three scents: Citrus Bloom, Floral valley and Wild Forest. The launch Odonil Gel Pocket range signals our intent to raise the bar and provide never before fragrance experiences to the trendsetting Indian consumers.”

Smerth Khanna, Business Head – Ecommerce and Modern Trade, Dabur India Ltd said, “We are delighted to launch ‘Odonil Gel Pocket’ with It comes in an attractive diamond pack-shape, which provides instant fragrance as soon as the pack is opened. It eliminates unpleasant odours for up to 30 days and provides a long-lasting fragrance. We are confident that our new product will appeal to fragrance-loving customers and assist them in keeping their homes fresh.”

Amazon India Director – Core Consumables, Nishant Raman said, “We are excited to launch the new air freshener “Odonil Gel Pocket” for our customers on This air care solution from Odonil will provide customers with germ protection, long-lasting gel technology, and fragrances that are infused with essential oils for every space in the house.” 

Priced at Rs 65 for a 10gm pack and Rs 205 for a pack of 3, Odonil Gel Pocket has been launched on leading ecommerce platform Amazon India ( The product will be rolled out in other sales channels soon.

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