Data-Driven Academic Contest ‘RENOVATE’ launched at ISNCON 2023

Data-Driven Academic Contest ‘RENOVATE’ launched at ISNCON 2023

Kolkata: The Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN) and NephroPlus jointly announced the launch of ‘RENOVATE,’ a data-driven academic contest at the 53rd Annual National Conference (ISNCON 2023) of the Indian Society of Nephrology, recently.

The conference featured several groundbreaking sessions and discussions that fostered data-driven excellence in the field of nephrology. It also hosted faculty from all over the country and the world who will share their knowledge and experience with the students.

RENOVATE stands as a pioneering academic initiative for the young Nephrologists in India to conduct clinical research on the clinical database from patient population of NephroPlus. Qualified Nephrologists must be ISN-registered members with less than three years of experience.

It is a reflection of NephroPlus’ commitment to promote the spirit of research and innovation among young professionals. RENOVATE is intended to help renal professionals learn from the largest dialysis patient database in India.

The lessons learned, we hope will help understand practice pattern, outcome, generate hypothesis and pave the way for future intervention clinical trials.

Dr. Suresh Sankar, Senior VP, Global Clinical Affairs at NephroPlus, said, “RENOVATE embodies our commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in the field of Nephrology. We believe that it fills the void in this space and is a landmark initiative unmatched by Indian health care provider.”

Kamal Shah, Co-Founder of NephroPlus, said, “At NephroPlus, we are committed to advancing the field of nephrology through research and education. RENOVATE supports our mission by providing a venue for aspiring Nephrologists to showcase their skills and contribute to the advancement of our field.”

Participants who are keen to register for RENOVATE can fill out the form by visiting:

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