Duroflex launches ‘Wave Plus’, a highly functional & adjustable smart bed for an enhanced sleep experience

Duroflex launches ‘Wave Plus’, a highly functional & adjustable smart bed for an enhanced sleep experience

Kolkata: To help Indians experience upgraded sleep, Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions provider, has launched ‘Duroflex Wave Plus’, a highly functional and adjustable smart bed that aims to enrich one’s sleep experience.

The new tech-enabled Duroflex Wave Plus is equipped with multifunctional sleep modes to provide a deeply relaxed and enhanced sleep experience. The bed helps one unwind and ease into bedtime with the press of a Remote button or simply using a Mobile App.

The luxury bed also includes Three Massage Modes and Two Memory Presets, which allow users to customise their sleeping position depending on their needs.

The bed also offers an Anti-Snore mode feature that helps minimise snoring by aiding better breathing. Whether you snore or not, by simply elevating your head with the remote control, the Wave allows oxygen to flow more freely and helps keep your airways clear.

With unique features like Zero Gravity Mode that spreads the pressure evenly throughout your body to give you a relaxing feeling of weightlessness and massage modes, the Wave offers a comprehensive comfort experience. Wave Plus also provides its users with additional features such as a USB Charging Port and Under-bed lighting.

To encourage consumers to make the right choice for high-quality sleep, the company has rolled out three digital films in which they have chosen the true connoisseurs of sleep –the pets. Both Dogs and Cats love to sleep and are often called Masters of Sleep.

The key digital film humorously captures the Cat, Fluffy trying to find the perfect space to sleep around the house while the Dog, narrates the entire experience of the cat’s quest. From the laptop, to the carpet, to the top of the washing machine, Fluffy is unsatisfied till the Dog takes Fluffy to Duroflex Wave and here Fluffy’s search for the perfect sleeping space come to an end. The film aptly ends with the line that communicates how Duroflex Wave Plus is the answer to all those who value sleep, ‘Designed for those who take their sleep seriously.’

In the second digital film, the duo are shown being impressed by the Zero Gravity feature of the smart bed where their master is sleeping peacefully after adjusting the bed as per his comfort level.

The third film highlights the Anti-Snore mode feature of Duroflex WavePlus.

Commenting on the new launch, Mohanraj J, Chief Executive Officer, Duroflex said, “We are happy to introduce Duroflex Wave Plus, a product which offers a truly enriching sleep experience. As a brand, we are continually pursuing sleep technologies that will help India sleep better. After introducing research-backed mattresses, we decided it was time to introduce products that will further upgrade the sleep and comfort experience of the people.”

Mohanraj J, said, “Our latest offering, Duroflex Wave Plus–adjustable smart bed will help consumers recline into different positions and angles to suit their needs, providing them ultimate comfort and support in whichever position they choose to lie on the bed for – sleeping, sitting or just relax and unwind.”

Talking about the campaign, Paul Dueman, Chief Business Officer, Vector Brand Solutions said, “The Duroflex Wave sleep system heralds the future of sleep solutions. I am very happy with the output and confident the campaign will deliver on both brand and business objectives.”

The company has launched two models of the new adjustable bed ‘Duroflex Wave’ and ‘Duroflex Wave Plus’. The latter comes with additional features. Both products are exclusively available on Duroflex’s website and its experiential stores starting at Rs. 55,000/-.

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