Fiama’s quintessential gift range this Women’s Day

Fiama’s quintessential gift range this Women’s Day

Kolkata: This Women’s Day let’s celebrate womanhood and cheer for the lovely women in our lives. Let’s give women a day filled with love, happiness, pampering and relaxation, where they can unwind, focus on themselves and feel like the real Queens they all are.

A setup at home spa day, or a nice relaxing bath and some products to regenerate their skin might just be the perfect gift you are looking for. Fiama has the perfect products that will be the quintessential gift this Women’s Day:

The Fiama Mega celebration pack is a one of a kind product that offers a variety of 8 different gel bars, all aimed at enveloping parched skin in a blanket of moisture and keeping your skin happy and soft. The beautifully crafted soaps absorb into the skin leaving a lingering aroma making skin radiant, nurtured, and refreshed. Priced @ INR 520/- per pack only.

Fiama scents Juniper and Geranium body wash is specifically crafted for long lasting freshness. Touch activated perfume release upto 8 hours and moisture lock will enrich the skin and the conditioners, will help to retain moisture of the skin to make it softer, smoother and supple. So surround yourself with the fragrance of Juniper and Geranium. Prices @ INR 149/- per bottle.

Fiama Bath Essentials Scrub-a-Dub-Dub is the perfect tool to provide you with hydrated, soft and supple skin. This scrub helps clear skin impurities and buffs away dead skin without stripping off moisture. Priced @ INR 165 only.

Fiama Foamy Soap Pocket is quintessential in your bathroom as you can put your soap in the delicately sewn pocket making it more stylish for the times when you have house guests. An experience no one will deny, the perfect lather that smoothens, exfoliates and energizes your skin while stimulating microcirculation and making one’s skin brighter. Priced @ INR 59 only.

Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper is gentle on your hair and wraps it with care. Its micro-fibers dry hair like a pro with their super-duper 3x absorption power. Priced @ INR 499 only.

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