International Women’s Day: ITC Vivel talks to the Women of Tomorrow

International Women’s Day: ITC Vivel talks to the Women of Tomorrow

Kolkata: A more gender equal inclusive world begins with how individuals choose to challenge biases and stereotypes. The confidence to think free and own the life choices for a woman is a perspective that needs to be instilled at a young age. This International Women’s Day, ITC Vivel changes the narrative with its unique interpretation and rendition of this year’s global theme ‘Choose to Challenge’.

In line with its philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin, Vivel presents the ‘Women of Tomorrow’ in an encouraging conversation that reimagines an unbiased, un-gendered, bright and confident future for young women.

Women since their childhood have conformed to a prescriptive behavioral norm which perpetuates stereotypes and gender-based biases.

Vivel’s initiative this women’s day is to enable parents to break free and consciously begin a transformative journey to nurture a child, especially a girl child’s individuality and confidence with positive affirmations from a young age.

The campaign demonstrates the importance of this transformative journey and encourages everyone to nurture the dreams and aspirations. The conversation starter is portrayed in a digital film that lays emphasis on having positive conversations with children about their own choices, likes and aspirations irrespective of their gender.

Children don’t define their ambitions, or qualities from a gender lens nor do they limit their thinking. Why then should this innate free thinking process be molded into a gendered prescriptive patriarchal narrative as they grow? ITC Vivel catalyzes this much needed change in attitude towards instilling confidence and nurturing freedom of choice at a young age.

Some lessons are truly taught young and this campaign also marks the launch of ‘Vivel Voice of Art Junior’ edition. The theme of conditioning, its many faces and implications in everyday life was examined by the brand’s ‘Voice of Art’ campaign last year. It brought together a large collective of young artists to weave a new age narrative on Equality through Art. This year, the brand welcomes children into this fold of ‘unconditioning’.

The brand urges parents to help their children create ‘confidence’ boards wherein children affirm what makes them strong, unique and beautiful. Parents can then turn these boards into art and share it on the brand’s social media pages to motivate other parents to help nurture this thought in a unique and an endearing way exploring life’s colors together.

Vivel believes every ‘No Samjhauta’ journey is unique and important. The Vivel Voice of Art Junior campaign is live from March 8 and will be accepting confidence board art from consumers till March 21st, 2021.

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