ITC rebrands confectionery brand Jelimals as ‘Jelimals Immunoz’

ITC rebrands confectionery brand Jelimals as ‘Jelimals Immunoz’

Kolkata: ITC’s confectionery brand Jelimals has shifted its portfolio offerings to Jelimals Immunoz – jellies fortified with 2 key nutrients Vitamin C & Zinc that help support the immune system amongst children. The product’s launch comes as a natural progression to further enable support towards children’s welfare in the present context.

The children’s confectionery market is driven by excitement & innovation with Jelly as a format, amenable to bright colors & interesting shapes. The pandemic-led, unprecedented rise in demand for immunity supporting products paved way for the need to safeguard children through the category. ITC’s team of scientists at LSTC have been working on various health and nutrition areas for nearly a decade with Immunity emerging as a key focus area.

Jelimals also commissioned an empirical study, undertaken by InfoLeap Market Research & Consultancy LLC to understand kids’ perspective on the new normal world. Data gathered from 364 children, aged 8-12 years across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata revealed that 94% children miss ‘Going to school’ and 95% miss ‘Meeting friends’ in person, making immunity support an ‘uncompromising imperative’ in the new normal world. If given a ‘Superpower’ 74% children would utilize it to ‘Save People (56%) & Find Cure (18%)’ from Covid-19 with concern for parents & family (38%) being foremost for the children. This followed by saving humanity including doctors, soldiers, friends, animals and testing individuals for the virus.

Anuj Rustagi, COO – Chocolate, Coffee, Confectionery & New Category Development – Foods, ITC Ltd, said, “It is our endeavour as a kid’s focussed brand to support the health of kids with our products by giving them a daily dose of vitamin C & Zinc. And we are doing this in a “Jelimals’ way” – making this fun and engaging for both parents and kids much like our “Do the 5” video. Furthermore, we are shifting the entire Jelimals’ jelly bears range to Jelimals Immunoz and keeping consumer price points same across the offerings. We hope this move will make a small but meaningful difference in protecting our kids”.

Jelimals Immunoz will be available in 2 SKUs, 30 gms and 108 gms at respective price points of Rs. 10 & Rs. 50. The packs will come loaded with benefits of fun fruit flavours, exciting toys, double layer packaging while the Rs. 50 pack also comes with a zip lock pack. The product will be available pan-India across retail outlets, modern trade and e-commerce platforms.

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