Dabur Honey cautions consumers against lookalikes, launches new TVC

Dabur Honey cautions consumers against lookalikes, launches new TVC

New Delhi: The world’s largest Ayurveda products maker Dabur India Ltd launched a new TV Campaign for its flagship brand Dabur Honey. This new campaign seeks to educate consumers, in an interesting humorous manner, about the many lookalike and Me-Too honey brands that have hit the store shelves. The theme of the campaign is “Asli honey lena hai to, Dabur Honey ka logo dekhkar lo”.

Dabur India Ltd, Category Head, Kunal Sharma said, “Dabur Honey has been the trusted name in this category in India for decades and is now the World’s No. 1 Honey Brand in terms of sales volume. In recent times, a number of new Honey brands have hit the shelves copying Dabur Honey’s packaging in an attempt to mislead consumers to mistakenly pick up their products. To address this, Dabur  decided to launch a new TV Campaign to educate consumers about why to pick only the original Dabur Honey and not lookalike products”.

The brand said that the campaign also speaks about the rigorous quality tests that Dabur Honey undergoes which helps in ensuring that only the purest and best product reaches the consumers, which has helped in making Dabur Honey, the highest selling honey brand by volume in world which is testimony to the immense faith in the purity of Dabur Honey.

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