ITC’s initiative to ensure affordable access to hand hygiene

ITC’s initiative to ensure affordable access to hand hygiene

ITC launches Savlon Hand Sanitiser in a sachet format to address the issues of accessibility, affordability and availability.

Kolkata: ITC Savlon has launched its hand sanitiser at a price of just INR 0.50 (half a rupee) in a sachet format. Designed for a one-time use, the hand sanitiser is extremely cost-effective and an accessible out-of-home sanitising solution. The Savlon hand sanitiser sachet at half a rupee makes it probably the world’s most economical hand sanitiser available today, says a press release.

“We are amidst an unprecedented global health crisis and it is imperative to accelerate our efforts in introducing innovative solutions to help fight the pandemic. Precautionary measures of personal hygiene have today become a household need besides social distancing, to contain the spread of this contagion”, said Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division at ITC Limited.

He said, “The launch of probably the world’s most economically priced hand sanitizer in a sachet format is an endeavour to ensure a wide access to hand hygiene. Savlon has been at the forefront of this unprecedented outbreak. To enhance supply and availability, ITC on a war footing repurposed its world class perfume facility to produce an additional 1.25 lakh litres of hand sanitisers.”

The brand has partnered with various state Governments to ensure availability of Savlon Handwashes and Hand sanitisers and has been working round the clock to help innovate, manufacture and distribute to meet the exponential surge in demand for hygiene.

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