Karkinos Healthcare Manipur observes Appendix Cancer Awareness Month

Karkinos Healthcare Manipur observes Appendix Cancer Awareness Month

Imphal: The month of August is observed as the Appendix Cancer Awareness Month to increase awareness about this rare disease.

To observe Appendix Cancer Awareness Month, Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre organized awareness activities at the Hospital in Imphal to know about this rare disease and role of technology and timely diagnosis for the treatment of cancer patients.

During the awareness session, the Centre highlighted that Cancer prevention is an action taken to lower the chance of getting cancer. It urged the people that they can lower their chances of appendix cancer with some key lifestyle changes like: Quit Tobacco & Alcohol, Maintain Healthy Weight, Do Regular Exercise, Stick to Balanced Diet, and Get Screening Tests.

Appendix Cancer is a relatively rare type of cancer that happens when healthy cells develop from the appendix and change and grow out of control. It is more common in people above 50 years old but may happen at any age.

There are different types of Appendix cancer, among these the common types are Adenocarcinoma, Neuroendocrine Tumors and Mucocele.

Symptoms of appendix cancer may include: Appendicitis, Bloating, Abdominal or Pelvic Pain, Increased size of the waistline, Changes in bowel function, Fertility problems, etc. Carcinoid tumours can occur in any part of the body but are most often found in the lower section of the small intestine.

To lower the risk for cancers, people should refrain from using tobacco products and limit the amount of alcohol consumption.

Dr. (Prof) S. Opendro Singh, HOD-Surgical Oncology, Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre said, “The most common symptom of appendicular malignancy present as acute appendicitis. So, all causes of acute appendicitis should be operated and specimen should be sent for biopsy, to exclude any chances of malignancy.”

To make sure cancer patients are not left out and get correct and timely consultation, the Centre organizes regular Cancer Awareness Programmes and Early Detection Camps to sensitize the public of Manipur.

Karkinos Healthcare Manipur also encourages people to come forward and avail themselves of the smooth and accessible Free Digital Risk Assessment which helps in timely treatment of cancer, if detected.

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