Keep your skin nourished with Vivel Glycerin Soap

Keep your skin nourished with Vivel Glycerin Soap

Kolkata: Different skin types call for different interventions. It becomes essential to follow a routine that makes your skin feel good and have natural elements so the worries associated with chemicals are reduced. But there are a few trusted ‘skin foods’ that work for every skin type and concern, and glycerin is one of them.

Right from the time of our grandmothers’ glycerin has been a trusted skincare ingredient as it works well for our cold but not extremely dry climate and its benefits in resolving common skin problems like acne, wrinkles and long staying hydration.

The dry weather draw away moisture from the skin making it dull and lifeless and natural glycerin has been known to be a wonderful remedy for dry skin. It attracts moisture from the air and nourishes the skin from the inside, thus making it soft.

It is also known for other qualities like soothing irritated skin, burns, acne and other skin problems. Therefore, to keep up with the many skin-related needs a trusted product to integrate into our daily routines would be the Vivel Glycerin and Almond Oil bathing soap.

Almond oil packs in an abundance of vitamins, anti-oxidants, proteins and other essential nutrients that complement the benefits of glycerin. The unique combination makes your skin soft and moisturized, and protects it from dryness.

The pure transparent formula of Vivel Glycerin, along with the moisturizing benefits of Glycerin and the nourishment of almond oil gives the right protection and moisturization this season.

Enriched with the powerhouse of goodness combination of both glycerin and almond oil, the Vivel Glycerin soap is now available in a new and more attractive avatar to serve and protect our skin.

Priced at Rs. 142 for a Combo Pack 100g (Pack of 4), the product is available across West Bengal, Orissa, North Eastern states of India and Gujarat.

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