Made in India: Multi-Verse Technologies launch @in_collab networking app

Made in India: Multi-Verse Technologies launch @in_collab networking app

Kolkata: Multi-Verse Technologies Pvt Ltd. has announced the launch of its first social initiative, in:collab, a network application built to discover, create, connect, communicate and collaborate, in a secured environment. Citizens can now discover, create, connect, communicate, and transact on a secure end-to-end encrypted system amongst themselves, enterprises and governments, says a press release.

in:collab disintegrates social media to a  decentralized system that by design enable citizen security and privacy. With no centralized storage of citizen generated content, there’s no possibility of analyzing and influencing user behaviors. To fortify digital safety, Multi-Verse Technologies has also put into action a 24×7 content and application monitoring and incident response team.

in:collab enables multiple segregated personas in one social media application. The application enables alliances of like-minded users across various select personas created to ensure complete user control over information shared, managed from one primary account.

The ‘Persona’ feature (patent pending) is unique to in:collab, helps citizens to create multiple profiles under one authenticated user. Each persona allows citizens to create as well as personalize content and communication relevant to these specific groups, like a Public persona for general use, multiple Personal personas for friends and family, Work persona for professional peers, Circles persona for communities and interest groups as well as a Live-Local persona, a geo-local profile to engage and collaborate with local businesses and stores. The savvy UI is easy to use and supports seamless, secure data sharing within personas with in-app integrations of multi-media support that include video and voice data.

A.S. Rajgopal, Managing Director Multi-Verse Technologies and MD, CEO of NxtGen Technologies said, “in:collab is built to empower individuals take control of their digital data as well as share and consume content on individual terms. It is programmed to allow seamless collaborations of businesses and build on communities with shared interests enabling a more cohesive interaction yet ensuring complete data privacy. The information visible across personas are at the discretion of the account user, and information on feeds can be quickly verified through fact-checker tagged content building on authentic and responsible consumption of knowledge.”

The Circles, Public, and Live-Local allows for collaboration of businesses and people across geographies. Live-Local, a proximity driven persona specifically caters to all small and local businesses offering them an equal opportunity discovery platform among more famously known global enterprises.

The Circles persona allows users to actively engage, discover, and create groups and communities on the application for discussion and action. An appealing digital support that connects individuals with others sharing similar interests and supporting local businesses during these uncertain and socially distant times.

To further ensure complete citizen control and privacy of data, the app allows users to access a free dedicated 256-bit encrypted personal storage 5GB vault for interesting content to be archived, vital documents, invoices, photos, and more.

Lightweight, device-agnostic, and task-specific tools called Micro-Apps are integrated within the system application. Custom developed to modernize the existing and new applications. The adaptable UI and direct to customer-focused UX of in:collab can also benefit enterprises and governments to share content and engage with individuals directly in a holistic manner, ensuring optimum collaboration.

in:collab is a system, where multiple things work together in a cohesive  inclusivity thereby facilitating direct to consumer interactions, allowing sellers to directly engage, interact and transact with their buyers. Local small traders can engage consumers in close proximity and serve them just as a global platform would. in:collab is the viable safe alternative for the social citizens, for enterprises and for governments.

A.S. Rajgopal said, “in:collab empowers users with a free 256-bit encrypted 5GB storage vault per account that is decentralized to ensure confidentiality and security of data stored. With this system application, we look forward to all individuals sharing a safe space for collaborations, information share, community nurturing, and interactions online.”

in:collab is available for individual download on App Store and Google Play and also offers great network plans for enterprises and businesses.

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