Myanmar woman suffering from Myeloma successfully treated in Kolkata

Myanmar woman suffering from Myeloma successfully treated in Kolkata

Kolkata: With the help of latest CAR T cell gene therapy, HCG Cancer Centre, Kolkata successfully treated a 62-year woman from Myanmar who was suffering from severe Myeloma, a virulent type of blood cancer.

Led by Dr. Joydeep Chakraborty, HOD & Sr. Consultant – Haemato Oncology & BMT, the hospital’s Haemato Oncology team showcased unparalleled dedication during the treatment.

In January this year, Maiah (name changed), was referred to HCG Cancer Centre, Kolkata by her treating doctor in Myanmar.

She was suffering from ‘lambda light myeloma’, a type of blood cancer that develops from the plasma cells in the bone marrow.

She had extensive bone tumors that made her bones weak and prone to vertebral fractures, causing debilitating back pain and rendering her bedridden.

In addition to this, she had further complications from urosepsis infections of the urinary tract and kidneys making conventional cancer treatment difficult.

Dr. Joydeep Chakraborty and his oncology team administered a few cycles of a combination therapy regimen (with Daratumumab, Bortezomib, Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone) typically prescribed for newly diagnosed blood cancer. Following this, she underwent CAR T-cell therapy.

This is a next-generation personalized treatment approach, due to its potential for better response and tolerability. Notably, the patient received the CD19/BCMA dual CAR T-cell therapy, targeting two specific protein markers on myeloma cells.

Dr.Joydeep Chakraborty said, “Ms. Maiah was admitted to the government hospital in Myanmar where she was being treated for the sepsis infections along with cancer therapy. When her doctor found that she was not responding to the treatment, he referred her to us. Considering all the complexities of her blood cancer, the accompanying complications, and her age, we decided that CAR-T cell therapy was the best mode of care.”

Dr.Joydeep Chakraborty further said, “This therapy is relatively safer compared to a bone marrow transplant. It is highly effective in the treatment of formidable diseases, has less toxicity and thus can be used in elderly patients. She had a known history of diabetes and high blood pressure which made treatment more challenging.”

He added, “The patient tolerated the treatment well, with no Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) or Immune Effector Cell-Associated Neurotoxicity Syndrome (ICANS), which are typical potential side effects. Her cancer is in complete remission following the therapy, all her health issues and symptoms have been resolved and she has been discharged, is fully mobile and healthy.”

Maiah has since been discharged from the Centre and can walk normally again. The cancer is in complete remission after receiving treatment at HCG Cancer Centre, Kolkata.

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