Pamper yourself with ITC Vivel Lavender & Almond Oil Body Wash

Pamper yourself with ITC Vivel Lavender & Almond Oil Body Wash

Kolkata: Body washes are definitely an enjoyable way to take a bath. They transport you into a world of their own – the fragrance and the foaminess are truly refreshing. They moisturise your skin to make it healthy, are mild and not harsh on skin.

Body washes can be a great way to start one’s day but who has the time to put it on a loofah and then scrub all over? ITC Vivel’s Lavender & Almond Oil body wash is a game-changer in this regard – with its high foaming formula a good amount of lather can be made without any loofah – you read that right, No Loofah Needed with this body wash! It washes off easily so that you can enjoy a lavish but quick bath every day, especially the morning baths where one is in a rush.

The body wash gently cleanses your skin and with its creamy lather leaves you feeling refreshed. It also nourishes your skin and enhances its look & feel. It refines skin texture and leaves behind radiant and bright skin. The body wash makes for a fragrant bath and it contains essential oils of pine and patchouli.  

So, whether it is a quick morning bath or a leisurely evening one, Vivel Bodywash has you covered. What’s more? This body wash is ideal for your ‘No hair wash’ days as well, because you do not need a shower to enjoy your body wash bath – a bucket bath is just as effective. The body wash is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. The body wash is suitable for women and men.

A bathing experience truly different from soap that leaves your skin moisturized and hence, healthy. ITC Vivel Lavender & Almond Oil body wash is available on Flipkart, ITC E-store and Amazon priced at Rs. 240 for 500ml.

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