Six cleaning tips to make life easier this summer

Six cleaning tips to make life easier this summer

Kolkata: Summer has set in full swing! With the temperatures rising, we need to protect ourselves from the health issues caused during this season. Summer heat is often linked to dehydration, heat stroke or hyperthermia, sunburn, and heat rashes in our bodies. What we may forget is that the summer heat affects our homes just as much as it does our bodies. So, we must equip our homes to properly withstand the summer heat.

Shireen, the mother of a four-year-old, says, “Since Indian summers are hot and humid, preparing our bodies to combat the summer heat was something known to me since young. Although I was ignorant of the fact that we need to prepare our homes to accommodate the summers as well. My daughter has asthma which prompted me to deep clean my house two weeks prior to the summer. I change the curtains, get our doormats cleaned, clean the air filters, and clean our floors to eliminate any dust, mould, pests, or grime. To get rid of any germs, dust, and odour from my floor, I use Nimyle 100% natural action floor cleaner as it contains neem extracts that kill germs and bacteria.”

Use these summer cleaning tips to protect your home from the effects of heat, filth and dust:

•Clean the air filters: Considering you will be using your air conditioner quite frequently during this time, cleaning them before you use it can make life easier. Cleaning the air filter is a vital step in preparing your air conditioner for the summer since it is a practical approach to removing the clogged dust and debris that has accumulated. This is also a viable approach for increasing the air conditioner’s cooling, and better airflow, and eliminating any odour.

•Regularly clean floors: Finally, the floors are the most visible part of the house that gets dirty and grimy easily and it needs our attention too. Floors must be swept and mopped at least once a week to get rid of the accumulated dust, pet hair, stains, and grime to prevent any colds, allergies or breathing problems. A cleaner floor prevents any accidents like tripping or falling, they also promote better indoor air quality.

•Wash the windows: Summer is the ideal time of year to have your windows cleaned. The windows may be stained, dusty and grimy because of rain stains or algae build-up caused by the cold and rainy weather. Do not let anything stop you from opening your windows this summer, allow the refreshing air into your home. Thus, clean windows are essential this summer since they allow you to glimpse the outside world from the comfort of your own house.

•Clean kitchen countertops regularly: Bacteria grow faster in the summer, so it becomes essential to clean your kitchen surfaces frequently to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading to your food. Check your kitchen cabinets for any expired food or unusual odours emanating from the kitchen and discard the product that is causing it.

•Dust your ceiling fans: Ceiling fans are lifesavers in summer as they give a cooling breeze and make your rooms feel fresh. Although ceiling fans are a staple in the summers they often collect dust and pollen, if not cleaned they can cause allergies or aggravate asthma. An easy way to dust your fan without messing up your room is to wipe them several times with a damp cloth.

•Clean the fridge: If not maintained well, your fridge can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that may cause issues like food poisoning. Deep clean your fridge before the summer begins; toss any food that has passed the expiration date and discard any piled up grocery that has gone bad. Take out the shelves and wash them with warm soapy water to remove any food stains.

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