SwitchON Foundation, JMU plan to set up Miyawaki Urban Forests on EM Bypass

SwitchON Foundation, JMU plan to set up Miyawaki Urban Forests on EM Bypass

Kolkata: The rapid pace of urbanization is going to cause increased ecological degradation, and finding a balance between urban and ecological needs, will be a critical challenge for the cities.

In these challenging times, an innovative yet sustainable method of afforestation to grow urban forests has a huge impact on the local community and biodiversity. It helps expand the green cover as well as meet the stipulated plantation target.

In view of that, the SwitchON Foundation in collaboration with Jangal Mahal Udyog is planning to set up Miyawaki Urban Forests on EM Bypass on a land of 500 sq ft area given by KMDA.

Isolde Aust, Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany said, “Conservation of biological diversity helps to protect the climate and the environment. It is essential both for food security and for the economic, social and cultural development of present and future generations.”

Ekta Jaju, Co-Founder of SwitchON Foundation said, “In the current times when urban spaces are struggling with both loss of green cover and spaces, Miyawaki forests can be built across the city utilizing  small spaces with the help of citizens and provide a sustainable solution towards combating the effects of climate change.”

Santanu Patra, Superintending Engineer, KMDA said, “KMDA is supporting citizens and happy to take initiative to help citizens create resilient ecosystems and enrich biodiversity. These forests can also help in addressing the issue of water recharge. It is a positive initiative where citizens can join hands for sustainable urban cities.”

The initiative aims to help in building forests to achieve clean air and build sustainable cities in the future.

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