Work from home in Style and Comfort with Raymond

Work from home in Style and Comfort with Raymond

Kolkata: The right outfit for work from home is not only comfortable, but also helps in getting a professional look, creating a formidable impression and setting the right mental state to get down to business. With this in mind, Raymond brands including Park Avenue, ColorPlus, Parx, and Ethnix have launched exclusive Work-from-Home collections, to keep you ready to handle every work situation from home.

“Working all day from home is new for most us, and it is very crucial that we don the right attire during work hours not only to look sharp but also feel comfortable wearing them all day. Our work-from-home collection has been designed specifically keeping the needs of the new-age professionals in mind, as it weaves together styling with comfort.”, said Suman Saha, COO, Group Apparel, Raymond.

The Prime Shirts Collection from Park Avenue with 100% cotton shirts is the perfect choice to get pro look along with the comfort to wear it all day long. But getting the perfect fit in trousers can get tricky in times like these when staying home might have taken a toll on one’s size. Countering this problem effortlessly is the Auto-fit Trouser Collection by Park Avenue. As the name suggests, these trousers auto adjust your size gain or loss, making them more comfortable and long lasting.

Cool Max Collection by ColorPlus, that includes shirts and tees, delivers the freshness and unmatched comfort with its sweat-proof attribute.

The colorful Polo Collection from ColorPlus, and Cool T-shirts from Parx and Park Avenue bring just that to the table– basic, yet amazingly comfortable, trendy and perfect for work. Pairthese with the trendy Chinos from ColorPlus, Parx and Park Avenue, and you have added the perfect new-age work-from-home staples to your wardrobe.

As long as this lockdown extends or even after, these comfortable, trendy and functional outfits are sure to turn heads and keep your productivity always on high.

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