Image of India’s Lord Ram takes on China’s Dragon goes viral

Image of India’s Lord Ram takes on China’s Dragon goes viral

New Delhi/Kolkata: Amid violent face-off between Indian soldiers and Chinese troops along Line of Actual Control in the Galwan Valley of East Ladakh on Monday late evening and night, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, Taiwan News has published an illustration showing Lord Ram taking on the Chinese Dragon.

On the India-China clash at border, Taiwan News has put up an article and image, titled Photo of the Day: India’s Rama takes on China’s Dragon’ which is breaking the internet. 

The illustration of Lord Ram battling the Chinese Dragon was reportedly posted on the Hong Kong social media site LIHKG in solidarity with India which was later carried by Taiwan News. The illustration showed Lord Ram, drawing a bow to shoot the Chinese Dragon along with the message “We conquer. We kill.”

The image is culturally significant as Lord Ram represents India whereas the dragon represents China.

As per reports, the image was first shared by @hkbhkese a Hong Kong resident, followed by @TaiwanNews886 in its article. Hong Kong Twitter user HoSaiLei shared it on Twitter and it instantly went viral as Indians and people of Hong Kong joined hands against the Chinese expansionism. Hong Kong Twitter users also expressed their support to India in its fight. Users tweeted with #HKstandswithIndia to convey their support for India. Many Indian netizens extended thanks to HoSaiLei and Taiwan News for sharing the image.

After the face-off across LAC, China has indulged in setting false propaganda but the world is aware of its modus operandi. Even its neighbours like Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong see it as a false attempt to hide its wrong policies. 

China last left no stone unturned to illegally and forcefully intervene in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s internal issues. Both Hong Kong and Taiwan are oppressed by Chinese policies and force. The recent protests in Taiwan and Hong Kong against China’s expansionism is no secret. It garnered major attention. People from India also raised their voice in support of the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In the fierce clash in Galwan Valley on June 15 night, the Chinese side also suffered casualties. China has not yet talked about the number of casualties suffered by the People’s Liberation Army but as per sources around 43 Chinese soldiers have died in that clash.

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